Media for Cryogenic and Plastic Deflashing

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PC-DIAMANT to cryogenic deflashing and metal die cast deflashing








The unique polymer structure in the cold-abrasives offered by us, provides significant technical and economic advantages over standard polycarbonate which are used in cryogenic deflashing systems. At temperatures down to -80 ° C conventional polycarbonates become brittle quickly. High wear arises in the blasting process. Our blasting media, however, retain their structure and integrity in temperature ranges from -140 ° C up to -170 ° C. They are distinguished in these temperature ranges by high strength, impact resistance and stiffness. These properties are especially required for the deburring of silicone rubber.

PENTA-PRIME and PC-DIAMANT moreover are ideal for the deburring of metal die castings of aluminum and zinc as well as silicone rubber.


bulletpoint Application up to 140°Celsius

bulletpoint Color: white

bulletpoint Grain sizes: 0,75 mm | 0,85 mm | 1,00 mm | 1,50 mm | 2,00 mm

bulletpoint Grain shape: cubical

bulletpoint Packing: in boxes per 25kg or 125kg in fibre drums

Other grain sizes and color preference on request.

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