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Who we are

Our company exists since 1995. Under the name "SIPAL Strahl- und Elektrotechnik GmbH" the main focus was the trade with abrasives and the production of electrical connection elements. In 2000, the product range was supplemented by the addition of the control technology department.

Each division developed positively, so that in 2010 it made sense to split "SIPAL Strahl- und Elektrotechnik GmbH" into its three divisions. This is how the companies were created

  • SIPAL GmbH & Co. KG - Trade of blasting abrasives for deburring and cleaning
  • SIPAL Technik GmbH & Co. KG - Trade and production of electric cables and welding accessories
  • SIPAL Automation GmbH & Co. KG - Trade, production and programming of control technology

By concentrating on the actual business field for blasting abrasives, business relations could be expanded and optimized. As a result, we now ship our blasting abrasives to our customers worldwide.

Our customers are manufacturers of rubber, plastic and metal die-cast moldings as well as companies that perform the deburring of such moldings as a service.

We attach great importance to good and long-term relationships between our customers and our suppliers. Since the beginning of our foundation, the business relationship between our English supplier for abrasives, Profile Deflashing Compounds Ltd.